Daniel Murphy


I was contacted via a text message soliciting pet care for a family moving to our town. The man indicated he was deaf and can only communicate by email. The syntax was horrible. He Sends pictures of a nice family at Disney World and of two children with a Boxer dog. The dog’s name is Gary. He Wants to pay in advance of services; $400. He ignores all my questions and stipulations I have about how I conduct my dog care services. He Indicates he will send a check for $2400. I am to cash the check and take my $400 payment in advance of services and then write a check to a third party for "pet supplies". I received an email stating a check is in the mail along with confirmation number. Before check arrived I received pesky emails and texts wanting to know "what is going on with check?" I texted them that the check arrived and immediately received a reply. They wanted me to deposit it at the ATM and send them a picture of the deposit receipt. After an hour went by I received another text wanting to know why I had not yet done what they asked (the message was simply several ?????). In one of the emails he wanted to meet me on a future date at a local MacDonald’s restaurant. He also asked I send him some background information about myself and a photo. I sent him a photo of me and my dogs, my name, address, phone number, and short bio.

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