Credigy Receivables, Inc. Review


On 11/28/16 my husband Richard E. Bate and myself Nancy Marie Bate had our joint bank account frozen and all funds taken out on 12/12/16 by Lloyd and McDaniel. After going to the bank we discovered that a judgment had been placed against my husband in 2005 for a Fleet bank card of which he does not remember owning. The card was supposedly opened in June of 2000 at which time he was separated but still married to his ex-wife. After he was separated, my husband’s home was also broken into on 2 separate occasions. We were married in March of 2007. I nor my husband had any idea of this judgment and it was issued 2 years before we were married. According to the records in the judgement the original debt was approximately $1300 and now it is well over $5000 which they are entitled to collect. My husband, Richard Bate was employed at the same company for 14 years until it was dissolved in June 2015. Lloyd and McDaniel had ample time to garnish his wages which would have given us a chance to defend ourselves since we knew nothing about it. My husband answered a phone call from Lloyd and McDaniel several months prior and stated that he did not know anything about the credit card debt. At this time he asked for proof but does not remember receiving anything from them. We hired attorney Mike Haines for $250 (which was a hardship) to go back to court and ask for proof of this debt. He was unable to have the judgement reversed because (the same judge that issued it in 2005) Judge Bill Oliver, said because they have a name, date of birth and social security number we have the burden of proof that this is not our debt. The law firm has no records of an application, signature or date of opening the credit card account. They state that Richard Bate was served papers but he stated that he was never served. | Also, the civil summons does not have Richard Bate’s signature. I am completely befuddled that the judge would not consider reversing the judgement due to lack of evidence that this is my husband’s debt. I have researched this debt and cannot find anything as it is so old. Fleet bank no longer exist and was bought by Bank of America. Apparently Credigy Receivables bought the debt from Bank of America and then it was sold to another company, which was sold to Lloyd and McDaniel who still cannot show any real evidence that this credit card was opened by Richard Bate. Kentucky is one of the only states that allows 15 years to collect a debt that had been bought and sold numerous times. It is next to impossible to get information on a debt that old and I feel that is unfair to the presumed debtor to proof his/her case if they feel that they are not responsible for the debt. When our bank account was frozen it caused significant hardship as we were unable to pay our mortgage and purchase food and gas for work. I find this a highly unethical practice as we are hardworking lower middle-class citizens. Lloyd and McDaniel have numerous complaints filed against them. Credigy Receivables is not accredited by the BBB and has over 100 complaints filed against them being called a scam. Fleet Bank also had cases filed against them for fraudulent practices.


Name: Credigy Receivables, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Norcross

Address: 3715 Davinci Ct Ste 200

Phone: (866) 204-3457


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