Corporate Event Solutions Review


Corporate Event Solutions sells you on the idea of making a decent profit on weeks you sell them through RCI. The requests they send you are less than 30 days from when you receive them, or during high reservation days because of season. Every single request they sent me was unable to be booked due to the time of year, and then their “client” refused the alternatives, stating that they were able to make the same reservation through another route.Then I wait 30 days to get another offer. | They guarantee that you will sell your weeks within 90-120 days, with 180 days being the maximum amount of time. I am currently at 173 days and have yet to have one successful booking. They act surprised when you inform them that they are in breech of contract and that a refund is required. I was offered “a little money in my pocket” back from my initial deposit to calm me down when I made the complaint to accounting. | I gave them 30 days to get me an offer. I was told I would be a priority. I waited 23 days and had to call them AGAIN to be told the same thing AGAIN “You will get an offer next week.” Once I pointed out to them what the current situation was, then they said yes, they were aware of the situation. I was asked again to wait an additional 7 days to get the offer and to try to make the reservation. Then we would “discuss” a refund.” | Upon reading further complaints, I have found that this is a scam. That I cannot sell my weeks and that I am not the only one who has had this happen to them.


Name: Corporate Event Solutions

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Tampa

Address: 7320 E Fletcher Ave

Phone: 813-280-4910


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