Columbian Emeralds International/DutyFree.Com Baltimore Maryland Review


In May of 2007 I purchased a ring from Columbian Emerald International in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful ring and the sales associates were very nice. The trouble began one week later when I noticed two of the diamonds missing from the ring. nI promptly notified customer service and Melissa Gonzalez contacted me (June 2007) asking me to fax her my receipt, which I did. She stated that she would send me a claim form with directions where to send the ring for service. I never received the form or any email back from Melissa. So I called the company and was told “she is no longer with the company””. Raeesha Reems then stated she would email me the forms and directions were to send the ring (July 2007). I had to send the ring ( via registered mail to their Florida customer service department)

claim form

original receipt and a letter very clearly stating that I no longer wanted the ring originally purchased due to concerns of the rings integrity but rather another stated ring and would pay the difference. I also highlighted in bold that I needed it in a size 8. nI finally hear back from Raeesha and she tells me she would have the ring for me shortly. She calls to verify my address for shipment in the beginning of September 2007. I asked her to make sure it was a size 8 and it was not. She then tells me a size 8 would have to be special ordered. Fine

just get me my ring. This was September 3rd. I followed up with her at the end of September

and of course “”she is no longer with the company””. nI then started working with a Customer Service Leader named Sarah Leinberger (October 3rd). She said she would follow up a get me a status update on my ring

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