Colin Carlsen Review


I own medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy clinics. Eric Myers or Colin Carlsen had worked with my business partner off and on for around a year. I contacted Eric directly about building a custom profile system in the back end of my website for patients to track their diet, exercise, etc. Eric agreed to do the job for $25,000. I agreed and flew him to my house in Aspen. Once Eric arrived in Colorado, he was unable to do any of the work that I had paid him for. He said he needed some type of tablet to start on the project. So, we took Eric out for the weekend and he fly back to LA. After he got back to California he still was unable to complete the job that he was paid for. I asked for a refund and he told me that the money was his and he wouldnt be refunding me. I hired an attorney to sue Eric for the money but my attorney was unable to find Eric. I found Eric randomly online today (5-16-16) and he had changed his name to Colin Carlsen. Now im going to have my attorney pursue him once again for the money that is owed to my company. BUSINESS OWNERS BEWARE OF THIS GUY!


Name: Colin Carlsen

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Alamitos


Phone: 702-449-3597


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