Coast to Coast Moving LLC Review


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They operate as a broker and many are being charged more through a procedure called quality assurance at a later time which is another form of a third party fee tacked on. The staff are friendly at the beginning but once they siege your payment for the reservation the integrity falls to the waist-side. you are being charge a “binding estimate fee” or “booking fee” which really is a third party fee just to deal with this company. So they automatically charge you more just because they are outsourcing your job out to the actual carrier. the owners of the company are Zane Taranto, Anthony Riggs, and Thomas “Tommy” Coniglione. Zane goes by Joseph on the phone to deter from his real identity. Coast To Coast Moving LLC who in fact is a broker has had their employees create fake reviews in order to gain the trust of you “the consumer” in which both instances are unlawful. | I strongly encourage you to go with someone you trust and know before choosing this company which is comprised of half way and rehab employees. This is not to bash or discredit the individuals mentioned. I am entitled to freedom of speech and the purpose of this review is to inform “the consumer”. Do your research on the company first. | Update: This company has contacted me offering bribes for me to take this review down.


Name: Coast to Coast Moving LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Deerfield Beach

Address: 1400 E Hillsboro Blvd #200

Phone: 844-484-0040


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