CNS Logistics


I received an email from this so called company from a woman named Alice Stanton. I was unemployed and they appear to prey on the unemployed searching through online job bulletins This scam job entails them sending you a package that, you open, inspect and reship it to the new sender. They send you a prepaid shipping package and for every package you send you’ll receive $40. This whole thing seemed shady from the start which is why it took me a little longer to respond accepting their offer. I became more suspicious after the lady rudely emailed me stating why it take me so long to respond to a "single question" of whether I want to accept the offer/job. I even responded rudely and she was still willing to accept me. When I received the package I received an even worst feeling about this.and researched them. This employment is a scam. It’s their way of getting your personal information. They already have your address and then they ask you for your information to send you direct deposit. When I read the other reports on this scammer every thing the other stated is parallel to my experience.

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