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Complaint: The Clinton Veterans Center discharged my wife for no good reason. A blatant case of reverse discrimination. After working her whole life they have now began a campaign to ruin her reputation. Other employees were allowed to steal food from the veterans center and when she reported it to the administrators they discharged her form her job.Before discharging her the employees that are stealing food were allowed to physically and mentally punish her. For doing her job and reporting theft to those in charge she has been thrown away with the administrators waging a campaign to ruin her in this small town. When she asked why she was discharged they refused to give her an answer.After turning them into the State and the Feds we are now having our cars vandalized.Because of the theft from Veterans by stealing their food those privileged employees are free to abuse those same Veterans. If the corruption was stopped along with the theft the state and citizens of the United States might see a savings. If this is common in other Veterans Centers we who are Veterans are looking forward to a Cuckoo like hell. They had a good employee who had a good work record for over 30 years, they had no reason for discharging her other than they didn’t like her. Yes, not liking you is a good enough reason to be discharged in Oklahoma and they stand behind that law called “at will””. When pressed after they pulled their corrupt and discrimantory action they would admit she was discharged through no fault of her own. Their actions have been far worse than I can continue with here. It is a sad state of affairs if no one has acted on the corruption going on here. Administrators have been allowed to hire their friends

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: relatives

Website: hwy 183 north Internet, Oklahoma United States of America

Phone: and business associates and put them in positions of power that they are not qualified for. Yet

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