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Apparently Dr. Singh no longer wants to see me (I got a certified letter in the mail. I couldnu2019t even get a call from the person who wrote it whom I spoke to days prior and someone called me Friday which is the day the letter was mailed) all because her staff or someone I spoke to last week wants to lie and say I did not call about a script that Dr. Hensonu2019s office asked me to call about and then Dr. Singh’s nurse got very rude with me and without coming right out and saying it, calling me a liar. She began naming every worker in the area around her saying no one spoke to me. And it was not nice at all. I was very sick at the time and I was trying my very best to be nice. So instead of telling her what I wanted to tell her I hung up on her. I have always been told either be nice or say nothing at all. I have no way to prove myself other than the fact that when you call it says “This call is being recorded for training purposes”. Yet I do not hear anyone trying to listen to it. Makes me wonder if that is a fake recording. I know for a fact I called. Yes it is my fault I did not get a name of the person I asked for. I on the other hand asked for Dr. Singhu2019s nurse and I was told I could speak to her. So I did. I was sick and did not want to argue. I was supposed to ask them if they had received my message via the portal (a way you can email your Dru2019s) to send in a medication. Dr. Hensonu2019s office wanted to know this otherwise they were going to do it themselves. The person I spoke to assured me that Dr. Singh had already seen it and would be sending it over u201cshortlyu201d. I said Ok that is good I will pick it up with my other prescriptions since Dr. Hensonu2019s office has already called it in. I will get a text message telling me it is ready. I told the lady thank you and hung up. My husband took me later that afternoon to pick it up and I only had the one that Dr. Hensonu2019s office called in. I asked the pharmacy to look to see if maybe they called it in somewhere else. And they said No! I called Dr. Hensonu2019s office the very next day since they said if Dr. Singhu2019s office did not call it in they would since they wanted me on the medication. The receptionist said she would call over there. Since I was still sick I asked her to just call back and if I do not answer it was because I was sick and to leave a message. So she did. I woke up later and listened to it. I figured by then I should have heard something. So I called her back. She said that Dr. Singhs office said they would call me back. I told her they still had not done so. So I gave it a little while longer and called her back. I told her they still had not called me. She suggested I call them. So I did. This is where the lies began!!! Dr. Singhu2019s nurse answers and was BEYOND rude with me saying no one called that office. She named off everyone in that office saying no one spoke to any of them. I told her if I did not speak to one of them then I spoke to someone. And she said, u201cNO YOU DID NOT MRS. HARRISON!u201d That is what set me off. I hung up on her before I could say what I truly wanted to say. I was sick and I was not going to deal with it any longer. I called Dr. Hensons office back and told them and crying telling them I swear I did call. I asked to speak Judy about this since I seem to have to tell her about all the other messes that had been happening. So she sent me over to her. She too was sick. So I told her. Now mind you this was Tuesday and I asked for the med to be called in on Monday like Dr. Hensons office asked me to do. I receive a certified letter today dated for Thursday! ****Other problems I have had with either Dr. Singhs staff or someone working there since no one wants to cough up to doing it***** I had a referral I asked of a month in advance. It never got put in. It was not approved until hours before the procedure. Not good practice. The Dru2019s office whmo did this procedure can vouch for this. I called 2 weeks ago to see Dr. Singh on a Thursday. I forgot I had to pick up my son so I asked to move it. If they couldnu2019t (And I told the lady this) I can see if someone else can and I would just come one but it would be hard to do. The lady told me there was no problem that she could make it for 5:30pm and that it was her late day. Ok cool. So I go to the appointment to find out I was not on the schedule and Dr. Singh was not even there. Her late day was the day before, and I was already labeled a u201cNo Showu201d. WHAT? Yeah! I had to fight for that it was ridiculous. The ARNP I seen that day since I could not see Singh was rude and did not want to listen to why I was there. Probably because she was in some sort of an emergency setting and I was trying to see my Dr. She was more worried about telling me to get off my meds and to diet. She told me not to take my meds to sleep. I could go without sleep. She said she knows of patients going 2 weeks without sleep (my son and husband were there to see and hear this). I could not believe this lady. Really? I am on the meds for a reason. I cannot sleep at all without them. And they really are not sleeping meds. It is something else that makes me drowsy. I have SEVERE INSOMNIA!!! I want someone to listen to the phone calls that are supposed to be recorded. If my PCP is going to side with her and boot meu2026u2026 then I want the phone calls to be searched and listened to. I am NOT lying by no means. This is ridiculous!!!! Bad Dru2019s office! I am sure there is more I am forgetting but I am also in the middle of trying to see why my Sed Rate is so high and they want to pull this bull……..

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