Circuit City Highlands Ranch Colorado Review


14 months ago I received a bundled laptop computer as a gift from my Mother and it included a “free printer””. Of course Circuit City advised us that the printer was on back order and that they would call us as soon as it came in. Several phone calls later… still no availability on the printer. FOUR months later they finally agreed to a store credit of $100.00. nWe didn’t use the store credit immediately; as we purchased another printer from a different retailer and didn’t know what else to spend the money on. We were never advised that there was a time limit to a store credit!!! We are now being told that my Mom received a credit to the charge cards (of record at the time of purchase) and that we are not entitled to any further credit. They told us they do this automatically. SURE THING. Unfortunately

the charge card credit that was supposedly issued is to credit card (accounts) my Mother has NEVER OWNED. We have all receipts

etc. But everytime we try to resolve this issue we are told that we need to prove we didn’t receive the credit!!! nWhat a great example of the GREAT RUN-AROUND!!!! nTaminHighlands Ranch


Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

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