Chili My Soul north hills California


Complaint: I ordered a bowl of chili verde. When I recieved my order it eas lukewarm and very watery. I informed the waiter and he said “I can’t help you

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Address: go talk to the manager””. I attempted to get the managers attention and explain the problem several times. She was very rude. She said “”go get it and bring it to me

Website: 4928 Balboa Blvd Encino, California U.S.A.

Phone: I wanna see””. She was at the front counter; there were numerous customers there. I asked her to exchange my meal and she said “”we don’t do that here!”” When I again said I was not happy with my meal. She yelled “”too bad”” in front of all the customers. I tried to contact the owner Randy Hoffman to no avail. I guess they just do not care about their customers at all. Sheri north hills

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