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Complaint: i bought three vehicles from nicholsville cheverolet in 1999. one was totalled and was replaced with the third vehicle. this was to be with the same warranty of 5years 60,000 bumper to bumper, as was the other two vehicles. in december of 2000, my handle of the driver’s seat on the bottom broke off, and the seat was adjusted to accomadate a shorter person than i. the seat keeps sliding severly and suddenly back on this driver, and she is unable to reach the pedals at all. the seat locks when first pulled up but, will not stay locked while driving. this happens quite frequently and suddenly and is a huger hazard. so, i took the truck into glenway cheverolet to have these items fixed under warranty along with, regular oil change. i was told that the truck was not under warranty any longer per had 37548 miles on it. the seat had never been moved back till december of 2000. i am a tall woman and never was in need of the adjustment. so, i contacted cheverolet directly and they informed me that, only had 3year 30,000 bumper to bumper warranty, despite what i had been told. and that i would have to pay for these repairs. i had explained to them prior to this response that, the only reason that i took a five year lease on these vehicles was the guarantee of a five year bumper to bumper warranty. but that did not matter to cheverolet. i have owned only cheverolet vehicles. but, i guess that they do not honor such loyalty as, other manufacturers do. i hope that if someone has this same problems with their s-10 of 1999 thru 2000 will try also to get some satisfaction. if you do not know if your driver seat is faulty, try it out and get justification.

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