Celia Kaplan – Sneaky Snake Texas


This woman is a Jezabel. She set her sites on my friends husband and went for it. She saw the life my friend had and decided she wanted it. No she didn’t find her own, she went for my friends life. She is the mother of twins who are friends with my friends son. That was her in. She befriended her and implanted herself into their life. Finding reasons to be over at my friends house ALL THE TIME. My friend welcomed her into their life and home and this is how she repays her. By cheating with her husband. What a lying deceitful backstabbing B1tch!!!!!!! According to her daughters she and my friends husband had their first kiss at her sons birthday party at my friends house. Who does this?????? My friends 11 year old son brought the texting and messaging to my friends attention. She is teaching her daughters that this is ok. Tells my friends son there was problems before she came along. Like this makes it right. What marriage doesn’t have problems. Am I right??? From this affair they have affected 6 kids lives. 4 under 12 and 2 teens. 2 of the kids were her live in boyfriends. She and the boyfriend were together for over 5 years. I wanted to put this out there to warn all women that this woman will steal your man if it suits her. She has no morals. Will do anything in bed to snag him. And I mean anything. She is a nasty tramp. And that is being nice. Not many men can resist have all their sexual desires put out there. Even if it is in a very fat package. Careful where you bank she could be in charge of your money. You have been warned. Oh and my friend divorce the lying cheating a55hole.

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