Caring Professionals, Inc. Review


Please do not work for this agency. They are a group of liars, abusers, exploiters if you ever work for them, they will never pay you and they will bully you. They are very prejudice. I gave them a CDPAP case. Everyone was nice to me after five weeks they have refused to pay me and they started to bully me and they have treated worse than a dog. They claimed I was never employed by them. The supervisor Donna told me the case has been closed after I worked 8 weeks without pay. The MLTC Plan grievance department has informed me that they have gotten paid. Right now I am taking other legal entities are involve. I could not believe in America in 2017, dealing with such exploitation and abuse in the work industry.


Name: Caring Professionals, Inc.

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Forest Hills

Address: 7020 Austin Street, Suite 135

Phone: 718.897.2273


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