I have an ad on Craigslist and this scammer tried to direct me to his website carcheckupvin.comI Googled it and the site is 18 days old and set in the Netherlands.100% sure it is a SCAMHere is the email transcript:William Baird Today at 1:49 PMTo[email protected]Message bodySorry no , I meant vin report. I’d just really appreciate it if you can get report and that you get it from because i’d like to repay you for it if we make a deal, and they’re cheaper than carfax, and you know how it is, every dollar you save counts. I don’t want to get it myself because if it’s bad then i just wasted my money,but you can still use it however it turns out. I would like to see car tomorrow if you are free (and if everything is ok with car report)Looking forward to hearing from you, WillOn 7 September 2016 at 21:24, craigslist 5742375990 wrote:Will:If you are talking about the repair history, I have the latest receipts for the oil/filter change as well as the new Michelin tires. Prior to that, everything is on the computer at the Royal Palm Mazda Service Dept. Because the car is almost 10 years old, the list is quite long and the service advisor did not want to print it out for me because "it would be a lot of paper". The car has had all of the proper maintenance performed and is in tip-top condition. I hope this is of help to you.By the way Will, I have owned 10 Miatas and know the cars very well. If the car needed service attention, I took care of it.Cheers,SteveFrom: William BairdTo: [email protected] craigslist.orgSent: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 3:17 PMSubject: Re: MazdaHello Steve ,Glad to hear the car is well maintained. I would like to see the history report for it , so I can be sure in that. Do you have any?Greetings , WillOn 7 September 2016 at 05:03, craigslist 5742375990 wrote:WilliamNo, No and NoSteve

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