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Camping World of Nashville Make Sure You Know what RV Prep Includes at Camping World of Nashville Tennessee!!. This is my first RV. It’ll definitely be my last from Camping World of Nashville. In my mind, when I paid the preparation fee, I expected the Trailer to have a complete walk-thru that included checking ALL systems before I took possession. That obviously wasn’t what Camping World of Nashville had in mind. After taking delivery and getting it home, I quickly found several items that clearly should’ve been taken care of DURING the Prep I PAID for: 1. Front door dead-bolt doesn’t latch2. Outdoor kitchen door lock doesn’t latch3. Outdoor shower head seal is messed up and sprays wildly4. DVD Player was wired incorrectly – White and Yellow reversed. I had to take it apart to fix it5. Outdoor light over main door doesn’t work6. Bike rack is jammed and won’t extend For some reason, Camping World of Nashville thinks these are warranty items and that I should return the RV for repair. In my mind, Warranty items are things that break AFTER you take delivery. ALL of these items should’ve been discovered and taken care of during the Prep (that I PAID extra for). It took weeks just to get someone to respond to my issues. While they think their offer to pick up my RV and perform Warranty work on it is generous, it is very inconvenient for me. I’m using it. I suggested they send someone to make repairs they should have made during prep (that I PAID for). When that was impossible, I suggested they refund the Prep fee that was obviously wasted and send me a couple of the parts for me to perform the repairs myself. They’re not budging. Bottom-line… Make sure you know what you are getting for your Prep fee!

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