Camp Shane Review


I signed my 11 year old daughter up for two weeks of weightloss camp. I was shown a website of kids swimming, hiking running and outside playing. This camp has multiple bad reviews and warnings however after talking with the staff decided to proceed. | I paid for the full two weeks up front. The camp was held at the University of Redlands college dorms while students were on break. The conditions at drop off were disturbing used the restroom and noticed multiple roaches. My child was hesitant about staying but talked thru that this was going to be a positive experience and that she be happy at the end of it. | I should have listened to my mother intiution. I got a call from my child the first night due to it was my birthday you could tell someome was listening to the converstation as not full disclosure. I got a call 4 nights later mentioning my child was drawing disturbing photos. I picked my child up that night she slept on our hard tile floor saying that she was not worthy of her bed. | I was not fully sure what had occured at camp and would later find out. I had to send my child to weeks of therapy and it is documented in multiple medical records of what was said to her and what had occured at this so called “fitness resort”. My child was bullied and meant to feel worthless by multiple campers and staff. | I had paid an extra 80.00 her to obtain CBT therapy in regards to over eating. After the months of therapy and $8250.00 dollars later it was clear the therapy was never provided at the camp. I reached out to the Director of the camp seeking refund not for the later incurred medical expenses however the CBT therapy that was not obtained and second week of camp my child was not able to obtain based on what had occured. | I was advised that I had signed a contract stating no refunds. At this point it is not about the money just do not wish someone else to use this camp and possibly have what occured to us happen. My child has never had depression or mental issues of any kind until this experience. I am not even sure I will full know what occured but the aftermath has been a nightmare. These children deserve to have a more positive experience in their weightloss journey. | I was told my the director when I mentioned the bullying that the child my child was accusing of bullying her was her friend. These are young kids running this camp and not aware of all that is said or all that is happening. It is not even about the money but the misleading what that this camp is being protrayed.


Name: Camp Shane

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Croton on Hudson

Address: 134 Teatown Road,

Phone: (914) 271-4141


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