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I ordered a pair of shoes from thier website, and was sent the wrong color, they reshipped the same shoe in the incorrect color again. they claimed that theier warehosue made the mistake, when all they had to do was update thier website with the correct stock that is available for purchase. This whole saga took close to a month to resolve, and while they gave me a refund, I had to but it elsewhere online at double the price. I wrote them a letter to inform them of my negative shopping expreince, and to date they have not had the decency to acknowldege my letter or response. Numerous calls to the Supervisor I had dealt with have gone unanswered, even though I called recently to inquire as to wether or not my letter was received, and was promised a call back within days. Over a week has gone by and not a word. Please beware when buying from them, thier website isnt updated properly, and the people in their warehouses seem inept at filling orders, and they dont pay attention to the order details. What is this country coming to when we write to a corporation, to voice our opinion and we cant get a response?

Melbourne , Florida USA


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