Cady Studios Review


We experienced several problems with this organization and are still trying Pulling teeth, rather) to get things resolved fairly but they are unwilling to make things right. | 1. The photographer was inexperienced and did nothing by way of guiding my daughter into poses so she essentially did a few ‘madonna-vogue-moves’, we weren’t thrilled about the results, and we scheduled a retake. | 2. They automatically send you a portfolio 1-2 months after the shoot. You cannot request that it not be sent. It is sent without a return envelope or anything of that nature so if you don’t want it, you either have to deal with the fuss of returning it on your own, or drive it downtown yourself and personally hand it in. | If it is returned on day 29, the credit card you paid the sitting fee with is charged over $200. So, when we returned the portfolio on the day of the retakes, it was too late to get a refund Per their policy) and we were issued a credit to use on pictures. We never planned on purchasing pictures to begin with as it was not in our budget, and are now forced to. | 3. They mailed yet another [unwanted] portfolio to the house with the same pictures Aside from one) after the retakes and we promptly returned this one in person. Seems they lost record of this because almost 2 months go by, no word, no charge to the card, nothing, until i go to their website and place a christmas order with their credit. | 4. Prior to using the credit i verified via email with their customer service that there was no outstanding portfolio on the account, and asked for instructions on how to use the credit. | 5. Of the insanely priced pieces of paper they sell, i was able to combine four pictures for $220+ and after the credit i owed less than $10, so i used my credit card to cover that. The pictures i ordered came in a flimsy, thick paper/really thin cardboard envelope and was torn and bent- for $200+ one would think better care would be taken to protect such an investment. | 6. One week later they illegally charge my card for $200+ for a portfolio they received months ago, but never even bothered to even call me to tell me they were charging my card, or to ask if i had the portfolio, make any issue to clarify things on their end before robbing me of $200+, nothing. And this was just days before christmas so them tying up my money made it nearly impossible to travel to see my mother for the holidays. They refuse to give me a refund and have stopped responding to my emails. I had to call my credit card company to have the charge reversed and am still working with them. | Summary- | 1. The photographers appear to be just high school students themselves and demonstrate very little knowledge regarding how to assist inexperienced clients with posing, lighting, etc. | 2. They send you products in the mail that you do not ask for, and cannot request that they do not send it, and charge you very inflated prices for them. If you return the products on day 29, you are out of luck on a refund and are stuck spending that money in their store anyway. | 3. They have proven unable to document transactions so if one returns an item for example, that may or may not have actually happened in their reality, who knows. | 4. If one orders prints, understand that cady studios uses just a step up from brown recycled envelopes to mail these expensive products, and that may result in damages to your investment. | 5. They apparently reserve the right to charge credit cards whenever they want, without telling you, on surprise dates, for things that don’t exist In the real world this is called thievery or stealing). | Just, buyer beware. My daughter said that we *had* to use cady studios because of an agreement with the school regarding senior pictures. I feel this is unethical and monopolizing and wonder if that was the truth. | If you checked their reviews before your pictures Hopefully you did, i didn’t) and see just how terrible of a company cady studios is to deal with, perhaps see if you have other options before getting tangled up with this shoddy photography company. | Also, if members of the staff at yulee high school see this, perhaps it might be time to reevaluate the relationship yulee hs has with a company who has 15 complaints in 12 months on the better business bureau. Thanks for listening.


Name: Cady Studios

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Jacksonville

Address: 1015 Kings Avenue

Phone: 904.880.7455


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