Cactus Jack’s Auto Complaint


Cactus Jack’s used car sales on Camelback in Phoenix takes extreme advantage of the misfortunes of desperate people. We shut down the Pay Day Loan Companies in AZ but we let these rip-off auto joints stay in existance. They are far worse than the Payday Loan Companies. They sold a young desperate woman who was inexperienced in buying a car a vehicle worth $2500 for $8000. She had to pay $1200 up front and the payments were $400 a month. An interest rate of 28%. After having the car for a month it needs tires, new brakes, and the power steering fluid is leaking out. Last night the car was repossessed for one late payment. That is just what Cactus Jack wanted to happen. They make $1600 and can put the car right back on their lot and sell it to some other desperate person. The woman is homeless and had all of her possessions in the car. They want money for her to get back her stuff. This is pitiful. Yes, she signed the paperwork, but she was not mentally capable of doing this. Jack’s ripped her off for everything she had to satisfy their own greed. Do we want businesses that prey on the misfortunes of others, the elderly, the mentally deficient people of our world. I don’t and I am going to make every effort to shut them down. They are like vultures who pick at the bones of the dead. The people who work for a company such as this are greedy, blood-sucking, cowards who want to get rich at the expense of the needy. They all need to be incarcerated for they are the true blights of our society.

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