C.A.R.S Protection Plus


C.A.R.S Protection Plus Read the fine print carefully! Internet!!. I purchased this product at the dealer when I purchased my used van. I have owned 3rd party extended warranties before with little issuses when using them to file and process claims. I recently attempted to use this company to file a claim and repair a broken power seat in my van which was covered under the agreement. Due to the nature of the issue, the dealer was the only qualified repair shop to do the work,so that is were I brought it. After all the inspections were complete, the deal was to charge me for 2 hours of labor labor according to their book, and a certain dollar per hour rate to fix the seat. The CARS protection plus adjuster explained to me that their book says it takes 1.1 hours to fix and they only pay up to 60 dollars per hour. This was no where near the dollar per hour rate of the dealer. I called 5 shops, including 3 other dealers to get their dollar per hour rate so I could ask my dealer why I was being ripped off and found that they were all with in a few dollars of each other. The first thing the service advisor said to me from the dealer on the phone was that my warranty company was terrible and that I should try and get my money back. He explained that he works with waranty companies day in and day out and that this was one of his worst expirences and that 60 dollars per hour was no reasonable. I see no reason why he would lie to me about that. I had a total of 450 dollars billed to me for the repair and the CARS people fully ok’ed the repair and paid 157 dollars toward the repair with my 100 dollar decuctable. As anyone can see this insurance will never render itself usefull and if you cruch the numbers with the dollar per hour and time difference, using my example as a reference, this agreement is truly a rip off! I will always still be paying near full amount and if I were to keep the warranty it would take 8 years of repairs to break even in savings versus how much I paid for the policy. My advise is buyer beware and find another company to insure your used vehicle with!! I will be getting a prorated refund of my policy!

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