Burger King Aurora Colorado


Complaint: I have yet again run into a STOOPID policy, this time at Burger King, where they say no more than one order per car. I racked my brain to try and think of a logical reason for this, like maybe holding up the line when there are 7 or more cars in line, but this morning at Burger King (3520 Town Center Drive, Littleton, CO 80129, Phone (720) 344-7919. Store Number 12903). However, we were the ONLY car in sight this morning 9:21 am when this snot-a*s came on the speaker and was sure to tell us before even taking our order we would NOT be allowed to have more than one order. When asking him why, both at the speaker and later at the window, he said “Because

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Address: I’m the store manager

Website: quote it or show it in writing and explain WHY it is a policy

Phone: and that’s all you need to know.”” In my opinion

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