Britteny Dorinda – Mesa, Arizona Arizona


A year ago my SO and I were going through a rough spot; ultimately ending our relationship. After our breakup and 3 days of crying and not being able to sleep I discovered that he had this bitch on his dick after our breakup in less than a week. Apparently days before he decided he was unhappy and wanted to leave me she gave him her number. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those idiots who thinks her man can do no wrong – I’m still disgusted with what he did and it’s been a little over a year. I cannot see myself forgiving this kind of betrayal and I try every day to find forgiveness for him since he has made leaps and bounds with how he treats me – yet every day I think of what he did to me and I know forgiving this is, not something I’m going to force. I live everyday disgusted that he’d risk everything for this swine. But that doesn’t mean I can’t hate her too. This little slore here likes her men in a relationship already. I know damn well she knew we were together since she worked at the gas station we regularly went to get sodas at. And one of her coworkers was/is dating my SO’s brother (surprise surprise, another slut). She constantly goes on about how much she’s not a hoe – apparently she’s oblivious to the 2 children she has that have different fathers and she doesn’t know who fathered either of them. She takes jackets as trophies and has a closet full of them. I pray she sees this and knows who wrote it but I know damn well she won’t retaliate because she knows damn well how disgusting and vile she is. Have fun never being able to keep a man.

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