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Complaint: I signed up at Brazzers using a $300 gift card. A few months later, my Autofill login information was no longer filled in. Unfortunately, I can no longer locate the confirmation email with my password on it, so I used the Reset Password link. However, the Reset Password link does not work. I scoured my email and Spam filters, and tried several times; the site will not send me a password reset. When I contacted technical support, they said they can’t send me a reset link unless I can provide the credit card number I signed up with (which they know I don’t have, because I used a gift card) and the exact date (which they know I don’t have, because I don’t have the email). So they will not send me a reset link. I think they’re scamming people who sign up with gift cards, because they know that unlike someone sho signs up with a credit card, you’re unlikely to have your card information months after signing up, so they’re de facto canceling your account prematurely without refund. Very shady practices.

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Address: United States



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