Boon Chye Plumbing & Electrical Services Complaint


Called them in to replace & install a new toilet. They quoted me a price which I thought was quite high, so I asked them for a breakdown. I also asked them what brand of toilet they were going to buy, but the contractor was very reluctant to tell me any details. The next day, I noticed that the pipe wasn’t attached properly, and water was leaking out of it. I called their office (I called that same contractor as well, but he wouldn’t answer the phone). They said they would arrange for the contractor to come and check, but 5 days later and still no news. First of all, if you are going to do a [censored] job, please make sure you come back and rectify whatever problem resulted from your [censored] work. Don’t leave your customers who treated you nicely enough suffering as a result of your [censored] work.

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