Boland Naturals Palatine Illinois Review


I ordered product from this company knowing that in order to do so I would have to “subscribe”” to an autoship program. I didn’t think there would be a problem. nOn 9/9/03 I went to their website and cancelled by Established Customer status and printed our the confirmation report. nOn 9/10/03 my account (debit card) was charged $69.95. nWithin 7 days I received more product. I wrote “”REFUSED”” on the package and returned it. nI waited to see if they would reverse the charge. nI called today (9/30/03) to request a refund and a very rude customer service rep told me they never refund and I should not have returned the product. She said I should have been aware of the no refunds policy. nWe’re coming up on a new cycle (10/10/03) and I have two choices – trust that they will not charge me or send any more product OR report my card lost so they can’t make any more charges. nOh

you should all know that if you try to email [email protected] the email will just come back undeliverable. nHas anyone out there been able to achieve a favorable resolution? Any one filing a class action suit yet? I WANT IN! nLauranRipped off in Palatine


10877 Millington Court Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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