Blake DiBonna Review


Blake was developing a new way to print, which when he does it correctly is really cool. I notified him of the concern about the faintness of the final prints before sending last payent, expecting he’d make the situation right if there was a sales problem. | On texting, he confirmed his spray head was not working properly and that he had gotten a new one. Shirts were just too faint on first printing and are not selling. Asked him to take responsibility to help fix the problem, or just re-print them properly for the value of the first order of shirts and his printing. | At first he was communicative and thought he had a solution to enhance existing prints. When I followed up to have him drop off a sample of his solution, he became hostile and unwilling to take responsibility for the problem. | When local businesses don’t fix problems and take responsibility, other local businesses should not support them. On our side, we should not have sent the final payment, but the assumption was that he’d make it right if there was an issue.


Name: Blake DiBonna

Country: United States

State: New Mexico

City: Santa Fe




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