BioGeniste Burghill Ohio


Complaint: i found an advertisement on Facebook for BioGeneste “miracle wrinkle serum””.. it states that you will receive a bottle of serum for just $4.95. They claim that several movie stars use this miracle serum. i ordered it and they charged my debit card $4.95. Then i was balancing my check book and found 2 deductions for $29.95 from a company called Budget Savers. i looked up Budget Savers on the Internet and i filed s complaint with them. The second time they took money from my checking acct. it made my account overdrawn which my bank charged me $37.00 ! and every three days that my account is overdrawn i will be charged an additional 12.00. I am so upset and angry

Tags: Sales People

Address: I am on disability and cannot afford groceries some months. i need help to stopping these deductions from coming out of my account!!!!”


Phone: Nationwide USA

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