Binary Services LLC


I Called a number that I believed to be Apple support and allowed a fake tech support agent to remote access my computer, and use my credit card to acquire “2 year tech service agreement” after notifying Apple, they reported this to be fraudulent. The company that billed my credit card was called Binary Services LLC, out of Florida, and the software they used for payment was called Payeezy Gateway. The operator said his name was John Joy, and used the username Binary32256 to log into Payeezy. He also used Teamviewer to establish a remote connection to my Mac with the user pc number 817 751 081. He told me his Apple employee badge number was app0289. He also gave me a callback number of 844-253-0210. I received an email asking for an electronic signature from Binary Services. Here is the Binary Services contact information that was in the email:
4651 SALISBURY RD #400
United States
WWW.BINARYSERVICES.US. I demand Money returned to me. Stay away

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