Bill Matrix Review


Bill matrix is a 3rd party payment service that SoCal gas company utilillizes, for credit/debit/atm or electronic checks. Payments made directly through checking account withdrawals do not utillize bill matrix’s services. I have always been paying through the checking account and have never utillized bill matrix’s services. I was recently charged the $1.50 services for bill matrix alone, that was not attached to my service payment (~$12). If I had accidentally used bill matrix, then the charge should’ve been $1.50 + $12, however, the charge was $1.50 alone. I have called both companies and both have given me a wild goose chase. It seems though it is probably not Socal gas’ fault, unless there is an error on their website. I think it is a fraudulent charge through bill matrix. I am filing a complaint with their company and will provide an update of the response.


Name: Bill Matrix

Country: United States

State: California

City: San Diego


Phone: (800) 883-8535


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