Big Rentz mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Review


Beware of the national rental company BigRentz. Essentially it is an advertised front out of Irvine CA that rents nothing. They rent from someone in your area and mark it up. Verbally they quote a price, then add on other charges on the final quote. As they are not local they are unwilling to accomadate for problems, like local rental businesses routinely do. They quoted 1350 for a one week rental, but the contractor failed to show. It was rained out that week and upon trying to cancel or change, on the same day of delivery, they were “gracious”” enough to only charge 650

for the day rental. For equipment that was never used. Big Rentz said it was because the local rental company didnt have use of the equipment. The local company Herc

said they had nothing to do with it. Herc didnt even pick it up for days. So much for that excuse. Bottom line is: Never Ever rent from Big Rent Ripoff. They dont care about the customer/consumer. Instead rent from your local business and they will work with you. They screwed up with abysmal customer service

but they also lost the rest of the week in rental income

that they would have had

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