Best Buy Rockford il Review


My son received a 3disc changer phillips stereo for christmas. The CD player never worked. My sister bought the player for him aand paid cash for it. Her receipt didn’t have all the appropriate information on it because when she purchased it thenpaper ran out. so you can’t read it. So I took the sterio in to be traded or fixed at the Rockford Store. I was told theyncouldn’t do anything because there is no receipt. I am so upset this was so unprofessional. I asked if they could fix it and nthey told me there was nothing they could do because it is up to the customer to have a legiable receipt. This is probably truenbut; customers are what make their business run. I left the nstereo there and told them keep it. It doesn’t do my son any goodif it doesn’t work!!!!!! Once again Best Buy doesn’t standnbehind there products. nValerienRockford, Illinois

State Street Rockford, Illinois U.S.A.


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