Beezley Management Review


Beezley Management accepted $41,000 dollars of Samsung geothermal equipment and never paid. | They further lied and sent a termination of contract within days of receiving the equipment not stating-it was all lost in the mudslide. If they had insurance they kept the payouts. With this level of dishonesty it wouldn’t surprise me. | They also fruadulently reversed credit card charges lied about reason of termination. The loss of his clients home in the Monticito mudslides. | A representative from Beezley agreed they would pay for the equipment after the event now, over a year later they still are dodging the debt. | We have attempted to work with the clients with no reply only to find they are rebuilding the house and have no plans to pay for the equipment that was delivered from across state lines. | We will be filing police reports and criminal charges for interstate fraud and theft by deception they are deceitful con artists. Unimaginably unprofessional. | Do not engage in business with people without integrity. I understand desperate times call for desperate measures but the recovery has long since been established and they still have no intention of handling their obligations. | Further Mike Marks was the property owner he is complicit in the agreements to pay upon delivery and then tried to hide behind Beezley making them change contracts and falsify documents while lying to our company and vendors.


Name: Beezley Management

Country: United States

State: California

City: Calabasas

Address: 26575 Agoura Road, Suite 210

Phone: 818.591.8555


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