Beauty and Pretty Look Review


They say that I did not call too return product and I ddid agre to the trail and then i did not contact them during the next 115 days so the chaqrge was sent in. Well I did not receive an product so I could not ssent itt back or call because the trail should stsrt with me rubbing their lovely cream all over my old face and loving it. I hope some one benefits from this cream because an airfull is $99.00 | Bank of Amercia sent information but on their end they stil would not accept our wish to have this charged back to the company. The only thing BOfA was about, was getting that charge money back in their coffers. They could put MM make up in their morning coffee and drink it for $99.00! | I never received any product. I do not remember the monthly charge attached to the trail. If I never received any product how can I send in the product for a refund? | Well, I am not going to order any products from surveys. Iwillnot do surveys either. I was zapt!


Name: Beauty and Pretty Look

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: San Antonio

Address: 13423 Blanco Road #511

Phone: 844-495-2411


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