Bear Of Gold Kennel Review


We purchased a female dog from Ana from Golden Romance Kennel in Serbia that belongs to her friends Bear of Gold Kennel in September 2016 that she talked us into buying with giving us a sad story. We asked for ALL the health Clearances on this dog from Ana. She said that we would get them and she would need to take her to get her heart cert on her that it has not been done yet on her. She sent us the heart cert after she was shipped to us 3 weeks | later and turns out the dog has a BAD heart which Ana knew this all along before her being shipped to us. Ana then sends us information on a boy dog that is white being ICT Clear just 2 days after about the female (which was still in Serbia), she states that they are both in fact Grand Champions of Serbia which was on their k9data links from their original owners. | The dogs were sent to us and we had to keep asking for the paperwork on them, | nothing from Ana, so we emailed the original owners and they claimed that Ana had not paid him yet for the dogs and that is the reason why we are not getting any paperwork sent to us on them he stated. We contacted Ana and she claimed that she would get it next week that she had to go to Poland to breed her dog with our money for that is why we are not getting any paperwork on them being she NEVER paid the original owners for them yet. | When I contacted the original owners of them about all this, I caught him in lies with telling us different stories, and then we caught Ana in lies too. We also asked Ana why was Grand Champion taken of the k9data website by their original owners, and asked if they were in fact Grand Champions or not, Ana stated, “YES they are and I will get you those Grand Champion Certs on them on Wednesday October 19th 2016” of which we NEVER got. DO NOT TRUST | Ana Cvorkov at all or Bear of Gold Kennel. I asked if both dogs were housebroken, Ana claimed yes they were when in fact NO THEY WERE NOT. She sent us pics of a different dog on the male dog and claimed he was super white when in fact NOT TRUE. Both dogs came to us full of sores with scabs all over their body’s cream in color wavy NOT straight coated as longer muzzle dog pic that was sent to us of the dog we were in fact supposed to have | gotten; nor were they ever bathed before sending to us either. Ana also sent us a puppy/dog that has HD too last year and will NOT replace him at all which others are complaining that she is doing the same exact thing to them too stating that if one hip is bad that the owners have created an injury in that dog when that is NOT true and no such thing. She promised to replace him and she still has NOT done so. We had money on a dog and she gave our | dog to somebody else, not 1 time, not 2 times, but 3 times she has done this to us which Linda kept saying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Boy was that ever a joke, of just getting scammed more by Ana is what it all turned out to be. Ana is NOTHING but a Scam, Con-Artist, & Thief is what she is. Ana kept promising us the heart cert on the boy dog, eye clearances on both of them, and Grand Champion certs on BOTH these dogs too and still nothing | from her. She is NOW IGNORING ALL emails from us. My mom was a good friend with Linda that Linda lets Ana stay at her house when she comes to USA so that friendship has been broken off all because of Ana with her SCAMS. Such a HUGE shame that us American people are not protecting each other from what this wicked awful foreigner lady is doing and you are all letting this wicked awful lady Ana stay in your homes in Indiana Maryland and | other places too of which she is scamming us American people? Shame on all you all whom give her a place to stay for Free and Feed her too when she scams us American people in our own country and you all support and condone to it. You need to protect your own USA people being the wealthy lady is rich off all our US peopel and dollars, let her pay and fend for herself. Most of all STOP Supporting her actions what she is doing to us here in USA, | STOP BUYING FROM HER. Look up her name on Google and read all HER COMPLAINTS of what she does to so many of us out here. As said, “All US USA PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BUYING HER DOGS!”


Name: Bear Of Gold Kennel

Country: United States

State: Alaska

City: (Gradina) 25000 Sombor Srbija

Address: 22330 Nova Pazova Srbija & Kljajicevacki put 19

Phone: 381-69-1261-968


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