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Complaint: I bought a battery in January 2018 from the Battery Service Corporation. After a short amount of time, everytime I shut the engine off, I would get a notice that everything was shutting off to save the batery power. When I took it to my dealer they told me the battery was bad. To which I claimed was impossible, it’s a brand new Odyssey battery. The best money can buy. They showed me their report and told me I needed to get it replaced. So I went back to Battery Service Corporation to have it replaced. They told me it would take about a week, but would give me a loaner battery until the replacement arrived. What they actually did was charge the battery that they had originally sold me, but claimed this was the new replacement battery. I took them at their word and drove back home. The very net day, I started getting a notice that everything was shutting down to save the battery life. At this point I contacted the Enersys Corporation (they manufacture Odyssey batteries). They explained how to check the battery and to give them the Manufactered Date and Serial Number information. Not being able to find the manufacted date, I took pictures of the battery along with the readings I took to check the battery charge capacity. A reading of 12.65 – 12.77 means the battery has a full charge. 12.24 – 12.29 has a 50% charge. My brand new battery was reading 12.24. So I sent the pictures of the battery and the multimeter readings. The reason I couldn’t find a date code, is because Battery Service Corporation removed it, which by the way, technically voids the warranty. However, the UPC code was still there. When one of the managers at Enersys read the UPC code he told me the battery was made in 2010. He explained that it would take about 1 week to have a new replacement sent to me. Which they did. Attached to this complaint is the Original Purchase Order, the Warranty Purchase Order and the relevant photos of the battery UPC code and multimeter readings taken 24 hours after my car was last driven. Upload of the photos failed. If there is another method of adding them to this report, please let me know. I am more than willing to supply them so they can be included here.

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Address: 410 Evergreen Street Bensenville, Illinois United States


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