Bark Busters North America LLC Review


I cannot stress this enough… BARK BUSTERS IS A SCAM, THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR AGREEMENT!!! DO NOT HIRE BARK BUSTERS!!! About 2 years ago we hired Bark Busters to help train our dog. We paid nearly $600 for a lifelong training guarantee. When we signed up and paid the $600, we were promised that a trainer would be available to come out at any point during the dog’s life to help with training issues we may have. We recently learned that THIS IS A LIE, AND THEY REFUSE TO HONOR SUCH A GUARANTEE. Not only does the company say that there is no longer a trainer in our area, they also refuse to refund our money now that they cannot honor their guarantee. We spoke with someone on the phone who offered to train the dog via Skype or Facetime… but this is clearly not acceptable since we signed up for a lifelong training plan for a flat rate of $600. Even when we had a trainer living near us, he was reluctant (basically refusing) to come out a 3rd time to help. I will say this again: DO NOT HIRE BARK BUSTERS. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THEN REFUSE TO HONOR THEIR AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE IN HOME TRAINING FOR A LIFETIME!!!

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