Bally Total Fitness St. Petersburg Florida Review


Hello I’m Subject To Rip Off Fraud Because I Signed A Contract With The Biggest Rip Off Company EvernBALLEY TOTAL FITNESS!!!! nWhen I first came into Balleys I thought that It was a great place to sign a membership with… Good Enviroment… Lots of Equipment… Nice People…Hot Babes…etc. But then I discovered otherwise when I tried to cancell my contract and wound up with this humungous bill of $1581.35. I couldn’t believe how much the bill was…It came with this Asset Acceptance LLC Debt Collector. nOn the paper It states..Dear Scott we have a SPECTACULAR SUMMER OFFER..We’ll knock off 50% of your bill if you pay before June,30 2005…And it says act now this savings can be used for summer fun. Can you believe the nerve of these people…I don’t even owe that money why would I pay them even 1% when they owe me 25 dollars from my down payment on their louwsy contract. nI really need help with this because I just moved to Florida and I dont have a Car or the money right now to even get one let alone pay a HUGE BILL like this. nFormer Michigan Resident nScottnSt. Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.

Evergreen Rd./Fairlane Mall Dearborn, Michigan U.S.A.

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