Bad Boy Report: Straight-up Busted Wife – Bonnie Aycock


Name of Domestic Abuser: Straight-up Busted Wife – Bonnie Aycock

Reported by: – anonymousxe

Age: 23


Location: Rincon, GA

Sexual preference: Straight

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name: Rahn

Relationship Status: Divorced

Profession: Government



Ethinicity: White or Caucasian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Weight (lbs):




Friend of mine’s wife had numerous affairs on him. Through hard work, he found out that she had in fact had atleast 2 affairs during their marriage with 2 of his former co-workers. He then catches her “sexting” and sending nude pics of herself to yet another former co-worker of his. | To top it off, she confesses all to him…even admitting that one of the guys “ain’t admitting to s***”. She wasn’t aware that he had recorded this conversation with her!!! |

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