AVR Group Auto Appraisers, Inc. Review


This company is a joke. Paid for service up front and never rewarded as promised. The owner of this company Danny Hudson took my money saying with his diminished value report I will be able to receive an amount of money worth $2000-$5000 from the insurance company, and goes on bragging about how his 20 years of experience have won so many cases in the past and I believed him. | After waited for a week, I finally received his report. When I opened the report he sent and looked, I wasn’t sure if this is a joke… The document looked amateur. I went ahead and submitted to StateFarm insurance company filing for diminished value claim using Danny’s supporting document and the insurance company won’t take his report and only willing to settle with $300, and told me this document isn’t legit and has no base of claims. Then, I tried to reach out to Danny and told him what the insurance company said, he then referred me to two of his attorney friends to file for small civil sue and bringing this matter to court. I believed him again, and called two of his attorneys, none of them would take the case, and the second lawyer said there is no chance of winning and I will have to pay him more than the diminish value claim I am filing as lawyer fee. | When I asked him for refund, he simply won’t give me my money back with the useless report I purchased from him. When I reach out to BBB for dispute, he threatens me that he will sue me for defamation. | I hope this review will save many others from the future.


Name: AVR Group Auto Appraisers, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Houston

Address: 188 W Gray St

Phone: (281) 914-9760

Website: www.avrecovery.com/

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