Autovantage Lockout assistance?? Nationwide!!. AUTOVANTAGE is a ripoff. I called them today after locking my keys in my car. I had just taken my daughter to the doctor and stopped for medicine, soup and some soda. I called the company and told them I was locked out. Their ad says Lockout “Assistance”. They “assisted” by offering to call a locksmith for $79.95. I’m standing there with a sick child so I paid with a credit card over the phone. The first locksmith they set me up with was OUT OF BUSINESS! I found that out on my phone in the parking lot! Why didn’t they know? The second locksmith came from the foothills and was unable to open my Jeep. In the process he bent my passenger side door. I called a close by used car lot and asked if they knew a good locksmith. They gave me a name and a number and within an hour I was back in my car, received 2 new spare keys at no charge and he charged $50!! That’s $30 less than Autovantage charged me. What a poor business this is. I’m going back to (((REDACTED))).

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