Auto-Owners Insurance Company Review


Last year, I called for roadside assistance because I was having problems with my steering column. Three times they got it wrong and dispatched trucks from another state. Hours later, they got me with a towing company in Albany, GA. | The guy was supposed to call me when he arrived at my car because I had the keys. He was 2 hours late and when he got to my vehicle, rather than wait for me to arrive, he dragged my 4-wheel drive vehicle, which was in park, onto his truck; destroying my transmission in the process. | I actually have a video showing him shaking my car off of his truck because the wheels are locked. I have a statement from my mechanic one month prior, telling me what problems my vehicle had because I had it checked before I moved from one part of the state to another. | For one year, these ripoffs have avoided doing the right thing. Finally, the only thing that I can do is report them across the internet, file a complaint with the State of Georgia and take them to court.


Name: Auto-Owners Insurance Company

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Lansing

Address: PO Box 30278

Phone: 8003460346


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