Attorney Bradley (Brad) Carr aka Bradley Carr under investigation by Utah Bar for Fraud New York New York Review


Utah Lawyer Bradley (Brad) Carr , dba LEGAL SKUNK asked me to send him a $5,000 retainer to read legal documents about my case and provide me with answers to my legal questions and possibly accept my case. After he got my money he would not call me. After two months I was finally was able to contact him. He told me that he had not looked at my documents. A couple hours later he sent me a three paragraph letter telling me that he was not interested in my case. He provided me with not one single answer to my legal questions. He could not have looked at my documents for more than an hour or so. I got nothing more than his letter. Lawyer Bradley Carr is a shameless and graceless shyster that the public needs to be warned about. Please provide information on Lawyer Bradley Carr for mutual benefit and possible Federal Investigation. Just Google Bradley Carr Fraud or Bradley Carr Complaints to see how many other clients he scammed. Attorney Bradley (Brad) Carr is a total rat and needs to be taken out of business! You can find Attorney Bradley Carr also on Ripoff Scams.

709 Honey Creek Dr. New York, NY 10028 New York, New York United States

At Home Work, Bank Fraud

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