Atlantic Global Shipping


I contacted a 3rd party who was interested in selling a Rottweiler puppy. We agreed to $*** which i paid before the seller contacted the shipping company to send me the dog. About a week later the shipping company contacted me via text message and asked me to pay for the shipping and dog insurance. I didn’t see any problem with that so i paid the money using money gram (which was what they suggested. Later that day they told me that they will be able to get the dog to me after i get back from vacation. When I returned, they said that the will send me the dog after I pay the feeding and accommodation fee. After I sent them the money (once again using money gram) they told me that the dog will be delivered the next day by 10am. When the dog didn’t show up, and no one contacted me for the entire day, i tried to contact the company. It took them around 3 to 4 days for them to contact me again, this time they asked for kennel fees as well as more feeding and accommodations. I will admit, I was suspicious, but i still paid them. Afterwards they kept telling me that the dog would be delivered at a certain time and then they never contacted me when the time came and went. I tried contacting them using the number I had, the seller’s number, email and later on I looked up the company on facebook and tried to contact them that way. But I couldn’t get ahold of them, the only time i was able to get through is when they asked for money. I will admit that I was the biggest fool out of all that since I should have listen to my family/friends when they told me that something felt off. But lesson learned. I know I won’t beable to get my money back, but I just want to let other people know about this company.

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