I know the ladies on Their profiles on are copied. I chatted with a woman in for months. On, she acts like she doesn’t know me in the chat. She’s always asking me to send my picture to her (cost in 10 credits on website) She will ask for a picture 1 hour later and then the next day. It’s like she had never seen me, but we have chatted on where I received her email address. Asiacharm website is a scam. I have attached a picture of multiple ladies on the main chat page all saying the same thing. The possibility if this occuring? ZERO. I chatted (via text on the support page with Asiacharm support and asked for their address, all the guy would tell me is that they are in Virginia and somewhere down in Maylasia. I asked for the address to where he stated "For security purposes we are unable to provide you that information" What reputable business would not provide you their address? I don’t know of any.Please investigate this website. There is a huge scan taking place. Please see attached picture. All the ladies are saying just about the same thing. These are other women chatting and designed to rob you of your credits that you purchase.

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