As seen on T.V. – Style Snaps Rahway New Jersey Review


I saw an ad for “As seen on T.V.”” on the television for an itemwhich was refered to as “”Style Snaps””

the itemwas for $10.00 withs/h plus an additional item for free. I purchased the item over the phone and a few dayslater i recieved my bank statement indicating that my purchase was for $131.94. I called Costumer Service and complained about the over priced item

they claimed that i purchased more then what i originally ordered but they told me to send the package back. Once i sent it back and recieved my new bank statement and wasonly refunded$84.00. I recieved minimum payment and returned the item back

i should recieve total refund minus the s/h.”

2533 N Carson St Carson City, Nevada United States of America

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