ArmorAtlantic Associations Review


A man claming to work for Atlantic Records, Sony Music etc. messaged me through claiming to take my career to the next level. He stated that he wanted to “see me on TV one day” and even gave me a call stating that he wanted me to send him music. I sent him some of my work and he said that he and his board would review it. | That led into him setting me up an account on to work and send files/messages back and forth. A couple of song ideas and instrumentals were exchanged but nothing much after that. (He later deleted all of the content off of here). I sent him three payments of $500 in late 2015. I also sent him a $300 payment and a $200 payment in early 2016 (all via | He said that we would create a single titled “going up” together that would get national radio exposure. He also promised photoshoots with the money I already sent him. None of this came into fruition sadly. | He actually contacted me again last month asking for for more money promising to work more but after $2000 of my hard earned money getting shelled out and none the services I was promised ever happening, why would I do that? Hopefully this guy can be stopped and this should be a cautionary tale for all artists looking to make it in the music industry.


Name: ArmorAtlantic Associations

Country: United States

State: Alaska





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