Today Tuesday July 5th, 2016 I was scammed by the Italian Armani leather jacket jerk. I was in the parking lot of a bank, around 6 PM accross the Bella Terra shopping center in Huntington Beach, when this jerk approached me asking for directions to LAX. Then he told he was Italian, coming from an Armani show in San Diego and had 4 leather jackets that his manager had given him as a bonus, and that he didn’ty want to take them to Italy as he would have to pay high taxes. So he wanted to unload them for $250. He showed off his wallet with bills marked as Euros. | Another person reporting him described this man as well dressed, 5’8”, white, kind of bald, speaking Italian and Spanish. The person reporting him also suspected that this jerk may be involved in other shady activities. I noticed a phone type of device was playing what it appeared to be a porno scene. I had my serious doubts as I am not a brand clothing person, called a knowledgeable friend and the brand name, Armani, was the selling point. I ended up giving him $220. I’ am filing a police report tomorrow morning.

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