Arizona Institute Business and Technology AIBT Tucson AZ


Complaint: I attended AIBT in Tucson AZ believing they were an accredited School. I was newly divorced and struggling to make it with a young son at the time. I kept seeing their commercials and decided to go back to school and get my degree in Hotel Management. I was led to believe that I could get my beginning courses there and transfer ALL of my credits to another institution such as a “real”” college. I first realized that I was in trouble when career day approached and a few of us older (I was in my 30’s) students were left out because the companies attending wanted only the younger ones so they could mold them. So we were being punished for having any kind of job experience what so ever. Granted I did not have Hotel experience

Tags: Business School

Address: only Legal Field experience. Near the end of my courses

Website: have shuttered their doors also

Phone: due to medical issues

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