Arco Gas Station


Arco Gas Station Sandi, was the one who called me several niggers and Alex the manager Sandi the employee at Arco gas station on 12332 West Washington Blvd was very impolite calling niggers and refusing service to me Los Angeles California!!. Today around 5:30 pm on Monday I went to the Arco Gas station at 12332 West Washington Blvd, and the main reason why I went there was I was running out of gas. I needed gas bad so as soon as I arrived and place $4.00 dollars to Sandi she refuse my money and told me to take my $4.00 in change and go but it get’s worse. I trying to explain to her you are not serving me due to I’m a black american and the next thing Sandi screaming out you f*ck ni**er ni**er ni**er get out of here and take your change and go to another gas station. And I told her who was her mangaer at first she refuse to tell me who her manger was. I took a picture of her so I can presented to you all on ripoffscams. Sandi told me her managers name finally, his name is Alex Sandi was very ruled cursing me out and slandering me and addressing that her boss is not going to do anything and she want be fire expressing boldness and while I’m leaving sandi is still calling me ni**ers. I was only going to get gas I never thought it would turn out in hate and racism. So sad I truly would wish this world could be in love peace and harmony instead of racism.

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